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About Litel

 India’s #1 Infrared Heating Solutions Company


Litel was established in 1987 by US returned technocrats, Mr. Mahendra K. Shah and Dr. Avinash Kulkarni as vertical integration of their existing company Litex Electricals Pvt. Ltd.
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Domain Expertise

Litel caters to diverse Industry base with its deep domain experience in process heating since inception in 1987


Infrared Heating is a unique electromagnetic based non-contact, clean and safe energy transfer mechanism

 Be it aerospace, auto industry, paper mills or manufacturing of bulk goods such as polymers, powders, and food grains, Litel has the experts who can design and implement unique IR Heating Solutions. Over the years, the heating solutions have evolved to include electric infrared, gas infrared, and digitally operated & controlled hot air systems for heating, curing, baking and drying processes.

Litel’s facility includes a large shop floor for manufacturing, R&D Labs, offices and a design studio.

Team Litel &
Market Leadership​

Equipped with an ISO 9001:2015 certified design and project management system, Litel supplies world class infra red heating systems and solutions pan India and abroad.


Litel was established in 1987 by US returned technocrats, Mr. Mahendra K. Shah and Dr. Avinash Kulkarni as vertical integration of their existing company Litex Electricals Pvt. Ltd. The existing background in quartz lighting sources was extended to design and manufacture optimal and powerful heating sources. This in turn are successfully implemented into electronically controlled turnkey heating solutions.

The Technology

Infrared heating is a potent electromagnetic-based non-contact, clean and safe energy transfer mechanism. With electronic control expertise, it can be ramped up to full power in milliseconds and turned off instantly while maintaining the structural integrity of the heat sources and accessories. Since only the product is heated, huge energy efficiencies can be realized by delivering large heat fluxes to specific areas.

Litel has mastered this capability over the past 25 years and can exploit this powerful medium in applications only limited by its creativity.

Team Litel and Market Leadership

Equipped with an ISO 9001: 2015 certified design and project management system, Litel supplies world-class infra-red heating systems and solutions pan- India and abroad. This commitment to innovate has earned its recognition as a DSIR (Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) certified R & D laboratory, a rare achievement for a business operating in the private sector.

Litel continues to expand into new horizons of process heating. With continuous innovation and aggressive adaptation of cutting-edge technology, it offers a portfolio of implementable solutions adding enormous customer value.

As a widely recognized brand, both multinational companies and OEMs seek out Litel’s expertise in innovations in process heating.

A few valued clients across industries include:
Mercedes-Benz (India), VW India, Cummins, Hyundai, Bajaj, Tata Motors, IAC, Grupo Antolin, Metso, Elgi, Electrosteel Castings, and Peekay Steel Castings, Sripathi Paper, Mahabal Metal, Montex Glass fiber.

Work with Litel for a world-class engineering experience, partner with Litel for sustainable heating solutions.

Litel Capabilities

Litel introduced the use of indigenous infrared heating technology in 1987. Litel is a DSIR ( Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of Govt of India) certified scientific research laboratory, which is rare for a private sector organization. This certification was given as a result of the fundamental engineering research done by Litel for various applications. Litel’s ability to learn more about the situations our customers are faced with and apply solutions quickly makes us unique. We do this by having experts on hand who specialize in various aspects of thermal engineering, control engineering, automation, air handling systems etc. Most Litel customers usually approach us with a problem that needs a resolution.

Thus, engineers at Litel work toward devising solutions that fit. They do this by evaluating which process works best given your space availability and energy constraints. Litel’s setup at Pune includes many full-scale models of what will be used in the final product. This approach has a tried and true method for establishing parameters at the enquiry stage. In doing so it minimizes the risk inherent in building larger customized equipment, which can only be tested after they are completely manufactured and installed.

Litel is a heating solutions company that has its own in-house facility to manufacture the entire range of infrared sources , a unique distinction. The technology is at par with the best in the world and has been recognized as such by reputed organizations and institutions. Reduction of installation costs and power consumption are the special features of Litel equipments.