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Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Since heating is an energy-intensive process, costs associated with it may account for a significant chunk of a company’s expenses. Customers are always on the lookout for means to increase efficiencies in their systems in order to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Our Consultancy Process

Our consultants can analyze your heating system to identify reasons for inefficient operation, such as bad equipment design, wrong choice of heating source leakages, poor heating, blockages, deteriorated parts, ill-designed controls, bad operating patterns etc. Often, optimising an existing set-up may suffice and be more cost-effective. Since Litel is a one-stop shop for all IR heating system needs, the solution recommended by our consultants can also be promptly designed, manufactured and implemented by our team.
Our consultants can:
1.  Perform energy audits
2. Perform cost benefit analysis
3. Offer alternate heating  solutions
4. Offer guidance on reducing energy consumption


30+ years of experience in supplying IR Heating Systems. Highly motivated team with over three decades of experience in Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance of IR Heating Systems.

One stop shop for Heating Solutions requirements
DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research) certified Lab for over 20+ years – a rare achievement for a private sector organisation
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