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Data Acquisition for Industry 4.0

Getting Ready for 5G and IoT

What is Data Acquisition?

IoT and 5G are not buzz words anymore. All businesses and industries are gearing up to collect data from all the devices, gadgets, and equipment under their control. The intent is to acquire meaningful information from this data and put it to use to further improve operational efficiency and thereby contribute to the bottom line of the enterprise.

An IR Heating System can use the data to identify components in the solution that are malfunctioning or performing sub-optimally. This early detection can help in contingency planning to ensure that production lines outages are minimized.

Data Acquisition is the process of sampling signals that measure physical conditions in the real world (analog signals) and converting the samples into numeric values (digital values) that can be recorded and processed. The components of data acquisition systems include sensors that convert physical parameters to electrical signals and electronics to convert electrical signals from sensors to digital values.

Why Data Acquisition


Advanced data acquisition systems help in sensing and gathering equipment parameters to perform remote monitoring, data analytics, and diagnostics. 

Equipment Control

Through actuator-based or solid state control systems, the control of temperatures, operation times, or other process heating parameters can be achieved.

Data Analytics

Data collected can be evaluated to arrive at better product finishes, redesign upgrades, save energy and increase the life of the infrared heating systems.


Customised solutions using the latest technology

Upgrade existing systems without loss of functionality

Integrate existing and new technology for a cost-effective solution

Additional features added to legacy control systems

A robust and reliable communications layer 

The controls offered by Litel for electric infrared systems include

  • Actual product temperature sensing
  • Automation with touch-screen controls
  • Solid state power regulators for fine control in the 0-100% range, ensuring consistent output
  • PLC, SCADA, IoT, or similar digital platforms for complete automation, integration with other equipment, and remote control

With vast experience in designing and implementing control systems for hundreds of process heating projects across the globe, we are equipped with the knowledge to help you with your data acquisition needs. Trust us to give you end-to-end solutions including hardware and software to gather and process your data reliably, accurately, and efficiently. 

Why Litel?

Our Unique Value Proposition

We can design and implement data acquisition systems to suit your unique needs. Our USP is the modularity of the solution which can be easily expanded to suit changes in your products and processes. Also, given our decades of experience in this domain, we have the ability to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly with older technology and equipment.

Litel offers turnkey data acquisition solutions, from initial requirements gathering to system design and deployment. Our 4-step process for delivering turnkey projects has served us well in the past, with every step guiding us towards providing you with a quality solution in a timely manner.

Litel has revolutionized the process heating industry by introducing indigenous infrared heating technology to more than 200 customers in India and abroad. We have the unique distinction of being a solutions company with an in-house facility to design and manufacture the entire range of infrared sources complete with data acquisition and advanced digital controls for optimal performance.

Every day, Litel continues to explore new horizons in the process-heating arena. With continuous R&D and aggressive adaptability to the latest technology, we are driven to offer a portfolio of implementable, next-generation solutions, adding enormous value to your business.

To make your IR Heating Systems ready for Industry 4.0