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IR system repair and refurbishment

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Repair & Refurbishment of IR Heating Systems

While your IR heating equipment may have operated for years without any major issues, there might come a time when repairs or refurbishment will be needed to bring the operation back to normal. Performance issues could be a result of wear and tear, movement of equipment or changes in usage patterns and processes. Our team can diagnose the problem and provide recommendations. They are equipped to make decisions on-location, helping get the equipment up and running soon. Refurbishment is also a great way to revamp your system with the latest upgrades. Refurbished equipments are running for close to 30 years in the field. 

The Refurbishment Process

Litel maintains complete records of design documentation. So, in most cases, details of previous designs are available. Our engineering team will visit the premises to work out the details. An energy audit can also be conducted. If the equipment is small, it can be transported to the Litel factory for refurbishment. Larger ovens can be refurbished on-site, with Litel engineers supervising the customer’s team or local subcontractor teams.

Refurbishment of imported IR systems

Litel has carried out refurbishments of certain imported IR equipment (whenever documentation was sufficient). In these cases, for example in the paper industry, Litel has developed all the critical components such as IR emitters, reflectors, control components etc as replacement parts and as future spares. Litel has routinely developed IR emitters as spares for imported IR equipment. 

Advantages of refurbishment

Energy Savings

Controls Upgradation 


Increased Equipment Life

Lower Downtime

Industry Emission Standards

Looking for improved operations or increased productivity at your IR installation?