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Applications - Auto Components

Auto Components

Adhesive Curing 

Decal fixing

Expansion shrink fit

Curing of screen printing on gasket 

Drying after washing of metal/non-metal parts 

Full curing of automobile filter paper

Preheating/Heating metal

Knuckle curing of automobile filter paper after pleating 

Curing adhesive in filter caps (partial/full)

Litel Value-addition for Auto Components

  • High-Speed Curing Line: Entire paint curing achieved on automobile filters in less than 10 Minutes
  • Maximum Uptime: Over 1 crore (10 million) units produced with 100% uptime
  • Compact System: Conveyor length in oven of 48m versus conventional oven design of 180m
  • Fully Automated: Operator-less paint shop
  • Energy Saving: 20-30% Energy savings achieved over previous curing system