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Infrared Combijet Dryer

Infrared Combijet Dryer

Drying of cores of complex shapes is a typical application where IR combijet has produced extraordinary results. 

Why IR Combijet Dryer?

IR Combijet dryers present “best of both worlds” designs by combining advantages of both Infrared and air jets. 

Infrared rays penetrate the coating instantly and reach the base of the coating-core /substrate surface junction. Part of IR is absorbed in this process. At the junction IR is partly absorbed and partly reflected back, heating the coating thoroughly from the inside out. IR Air jets help access the most intricate areas.

Typical process time with IR CombiJet is about half of the old styled hot air dryers.  

Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of Litel

For infrared drying Litel enjoys the unique advantage of having its own manufacturing plant for all kinds of IR emitters.
Over the years Litel has developed and supplied many driers based on IR, hot air impingement and IR + air impingement combination which have now become an industry standard.

Typically a combination dryer requires 25% less energy run for the same quality and throughput than conventional systems. Compact size of the Combination Dryer results in substantial savings in machine floor space, work-in process inventory and space required for inventory. Precise temperature control lead to elimination of re-processing requirement. Industry 4.0 support reduces dependence on human intervention

Litel IR Combijet Dryer


  • Stand-alone, self supporting equipment.
  • Integrated conveyor supplied by Litel.
  • Easy to install- dispatched in assembled sections. 
  • Easy to operate through PLC with ready recipes. 
  • Smart instrumentation for integration with robotics.

Control Options

  • PLC Bases Automation
  • Integration with SCADA System
  • Real time information about operating parameters
  • Real-time information on logistical parameters


Improved quality by eliminating moisture entrapment (2)

Improved quality by eliminating moisture entrapment

Reduction in time cycles by upto 50%

Upto 50% reduction in length of conveyorized ovens

High productivity

Reduction in wall losses and increase in efficiency. (3)

Reduction in wall losses and increase in efficiency. 

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