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Litel Digital & IoT Services

Digital Transformation of your IR Heating Systems

Digital & IoT Services

Litel has commissioned hundreds of IR heating systems worldwide, complete with specialized PLC-based control, data acquisition systems and IoT (Industry 4.0) capability. These digital systems offer remote monitoring and control to ensure high accuracy, consistency of product, minimisation of rejection, increased automation and improved diagnostics.

Digital & IoT Services Process

We are equipped with the knowledge to bring about the digital transformation of your IR heating system. Our team of experts can design and implement the following

  1. Advanced data acquisition systems
  2. PLC-based control systems
  3. Actual product temperature sensing
  4. Automation with touch-screen controls
  5. Solid-state power regulators for fine control in the 0-100% range
  6. PLC, SCADA, IoT, or similar digital platforms for complete automation, integration with other equipment, and remote control


Increased Accuracy

  • Quality
  • Product Consistency
  • Avoiding Rejection
  • Quality
  • Product Consistency
  • Avoiding Rejection

State of the art Automation

Improved Diagnostics

Interested for Digital Transformation of your IR Heating Systems?