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Automation and Robotics in your heat process

What is Automation & Robotics in your heat process?

Automation became a norm in the industry to achieve various objectives in mass production, especially in the automotive parts industry. Automation also presents an opportunity to relieve workers from repetitive, hazardous, and un-ergonomic labour.

The general benefits of automation hold good for heat processes as well and have been incorporated in heating solutions. At the same time there are many other concepts specific to heat processes where automation adds real value. 

Why Automation & Robotics in your heat process

Artificial Intelligence

With stringent demands on manufacturers for quality and productivity and the high cost of skilled manpower, there is a need for equipment which “act” on their own.

Operator comfort and safety

Robotics reduces manual labor and errors / Automated handling of components improves operator efficiency & productivity / Automation helps operator safety 

Process Improvement

Eliminates errors in manual handling. Improves repeatability and reduces rejections. Precise placement of components helps in the perfect heating process.

Benefits of Automation & Robotics in your heat process

Improved Hardware

Safety & Comfort of Employees

Process Improvement

Productivity Improvement

Why Litel for Automation and Robotics

Litel “intelligent” IR heating solutions

With stringent demands on manufacturing facilities for quality and productivity and the high cost of skilled manpower, there is a need for heating equipment which “act” on their own. To cater to this need, all new generation ovens/dryers from Litel are PLC-controlled. PLCs are used to combine process control functions as well as logic functions and diagnostic features.

On-line monitoring of process
• Precise measurement of temperature and productivity parameters
• PID Controllers with algorithms for temperature control
• Status indicators for different parameters through the data acquisition system
• Transfer of data through SCADA system for centralized control.
Diagnostic features
• Customized heating solution with alarms with specific actions

• Alarms for high/low temperatures

• Material handling failure alarms
• Breakage of web in applications like paper
• High Temperatures of critical parts of oven
• IR Emitter failures
Logic actions
• Logic Action possible with ON/OFF Features

• Sequencing of material movement
• Switching ON & OFF IR Emitters as required
• Time synchronizing operations with upstream/downstream equipment.
Internet connectivity
• Internet connectivity enables sophistication of controls
• PLC can be configured to connect to a computer/laptop
• Internet connectivity enables monitoring the operating parameters and changing the program from the Litel factory
• The online facility helps maintaining up-time of the equipment.
Cost consideration
• Automation benefits payback on the cost spent
• Litel implements automation to the level desired by the customer

Add Automation to your Heating Process.

Add Automation to your Heating Process.