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Frequently Asked Questions

What matters is total cost of ownership. A lower cost of some other fuel sometimes creates a misunderstanding that IR is expensive, which is not true. It should also be noted that there are so many processes where IR is indispensable because of the quality / productivity / consistency advantages it offers. Read about IR System Total Cost of Ownership in our blogs section.

Extremely irregular and large sized objects such as valves and pumps have been routinely treated by IR especially in finishing applications. In case of mass production of irregular sized objects in a conveyorised operation rotation of components is employed. For very special components Litel has IR + convection designs available. 

Secondly, the whole notion that other heating methods (esp. hot ait based) are uniform is not true. In most cases even large sized hot air ovens employ a very small number of temp sensors. What is indicated is air temperature. Product temperature can still be non-uniform. Uniformity in hot air system is only achieved by allowing the product to stay inside the oven for inordinately long times.

It is to be remembered that all heat we receive from sun is Infrared and we are always exposed to it. Some basic precautions which are anyway required for any heating system need also to be taken in case of IR e.g. all intense heating is carried out inside an enclosure and the inside of oven is out of bounds for human beings. IR is not known to cause cancer or similar hazards which are associated with ultraviolet rays or microwave radiations.

IR controls are different from hot air controls. They are being used in India for more than 30 years and users are trained by Litel engineers in use of equipments. Especially all PLC based equipments are user friendly.

All radiation is sensitive to colour.To know more about this read All About Wavelengths in our blogs section

Litel IR oven and heating equipment designs are based on the object temperature and not air temperature.  While enquiring with Litel it is recommended to explain the complete process. Litel has standardised questionnaires for various applications. Providing the information will help you get the correct solution.

There is no limit for any known industrial process. Max temperatures upto 1800 ⁰C have been reached by Litel IR equipments on the product. All oven / dryer applications upto 400 ⁰C are generally convertible straightaway. Furnace operations (> 400 ⁰C) are convertible to IR in some specific cases. Please contact Litel sales engineers with your specific query.

No. Quartz IR emitters are available in all wavelength required for heating.

 IR has been extensively used for solvent based paint curing as the amount of solvents evaporated is very low. For higher levels of evaporation especially in high speed web based processes IR may not be recommended for complete drying. You are requested to contact Litel sales engineer with complete application data.  It may be recommended for post-curing after drying.
The limit is set by transportation. At present emitters upto 2.8 m are being made by Litel. 
 In most cases you can completely replace existing oven / dryer by IR with substantial savings in space or higher productivity in same space. Quality improvement is assured.
 You need to discuss this with Litel sales engineer. In most cases complete replacement is easier.  IR boosters can also be designed for increase in productivity.
 Litel has achieved 5000 kW/m2 which is the highest known till date anywhere in the world.
The real question is, what is the process requirement? In most surface coating processes it is desirable to dry / cure the paint / coating without heating the mass e.g. it does not make sense to heat a 50 mm thick MS plate to dry paint on its surface. Same for big sized pumps / valves. Here we ensure the IR property of the heating surface is utilized effectively.
 No doubt IR is far superior to all other methods for surface heating. But even in mass heating Litel has achieved some extraordinary feats by doing things other methods cannot do e.g. localised heating of metal parts. Litel ovens are now an industry standard for expansion shrink-fit and localised softening without heating rest of the component.

In free flowing bulk solids (spices and herbs / chemicals / powders) Litel has now introduced a patented IR rotating drum dryer. This has many benefits over conventional dryers. Please refer B-IRD page.