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With deep domain expertise in process heating since its inception in 1987 in Pune, India, Litel can cater to a diverse industry base. Be it aerospace, auto industry to paper mills or manufacturing of bulk goods such as polymers, powders, and food grains. Litel began as a manufacturer of products such as infrared lamps, heaters, and ovens using state-of-the-art electronic control technology. Over the years, the heating solutions platform evolved to include electric infrared, gas infrared, and digitally operated and controlled hot air systems for heating, curing, baking, and drying processes.

Litel’s facility includes a large shop floor for manufacturing, R&D Labs, offices, and a design studio.


Litel was established in 1987 by US returned technocrats, Mr. Mahendra K. Shah and Dr. Avinash Kulkarni as vertical integration of their existing company Litex Electricals Pvt. Ltd. The existing background in quartz lighting sources was extended to design and manufacture optimal and powerful heating sources. This in turn are successfully implemented into electronically controlled turnkey heating solutions.

The Technology

Infrared heating is a potent electromagnetic-based non-contact, clean and safe energy transfer mechanism. With electronic control expertise, it can be ramped up to full power in milliseconds and turned off instantly while maintaining the structural integrity of the heat sources and accessories. Since only the product is heated, huge energy efficiencies can be realized by delivering large heat fluxes to specific areas.

Litel has mastered this capability over the past 25 years and can exploit this powerful medium in applications only limited by its creativity.