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Retrofitting IR Heating System in
your existing production line

Litel are experts in the supply of IR Heating Solutions and components for all infrared
industrial applications. Helping you optimise your existing Heating Systems in potential,
our upgrades will ensure your machines longevity and efficiency.

Infrared Systems Retrofits

At Litel, we have decades of expertise in the design, supply and commissioning of IR heating solutions and components for a plethora of industrial applications. In our experience, we have found that for customers to meet changing needs and constraints, at times, new equipment or solutions may not even be required.
Our engineers will work with you to upgrade your existing equipment (including equipment built by other manufacturers, conventional hot air equipment etc.), ensuring optimum, efficient performance and extending its lifespan. With experts in every aspect of thermal engineering, control engineering, automation and air handling systems, our team will assess your requirements and provide tailor-made solutions considering space, energy and other constraints.

While designing the solution for your individual needs, we optimise for energy efficiency and costs. Our 200+ customers appreciate our products for their elegant, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly design, and consistent, uninterrupted operation.

Why Retrofit IR Systems

Achieve Uniform Temperature

Increase Heat Output

Optimise Performance
Improve Reliability 
Upgrade Controls

Increase Capacity

Achieve Uniform Temperature

Temperature uniformity issues can sometimes arise in IR heating processes leading to the creation of hotspots. Our team will perform diagnostics and use their abundant industry experience to find, design and implement a solution. Once implemented, they will perform testing and iterate until uniform temperature is attained.

Increase Heat Output

In case of a change in process or product requirements, or if there is a design flaw in the original equipment, the heat output may be insufficient and an upgrade might be inevitable to increase power.

Optimise Performance

Sub-optimal performance can result from poor design, construction or usage patterns. Our engineers, who have a wealth of industry experience, have the answers! They can help diagnose the inefficiencies and their causes, and provide solutions to fix such issues. Every solution is expertly designed, implemented and tested on-site, ensuring that your equipment works at its full potential.

Improve Reliability

Oven downtime due to design, construction or installation issues at the time of commissioning, or component failures could be costly. For many customers, we have implemented retrofits, rebuilds and other upgrades to fix these issues and improve the reliability of their equipment.

Upgrade Controls

Litel can help you upgrade systems with the most advanced controls. Our team experience on several IR heating retrofits can help with next-gen automation. With finer, higher quality, full-featured control systems, user-friendly interfaces, data acquisition, diagnostics, remote monitoring & control over SCADA, IOT or other platforms, your existing equipment can be made future-ready.

Increase Capacity

When customers are looking to increase their throughput, at times, it is possible to upgrade certain components within the existing oven to achieve this without a reduction in performance or quality. If such an expansion in volume is deemed feasible, our engineers can design and implement it, helping you with your process change without requiring any significant capital expenditure.


Lower Investments

Reuse of components
Better Performance
Reduced energy Costs 
Green Footprint

The Benefits of Rebuilding Your Infrared Heating Systems

While your infrared heating system may no longer fit to provide certain functions, it can be transformed and repurposed to handle any kind of infrared tasks. Here’s how rebuilding your infrared oven can benefit your business and reach the highest standards of processes:

  • Repurpose existing heating systems for
    increased energy efficiency
  • Reductions in ongoing heating systems
    maintenance and repair costs

The Benefits of Retrofitting Your
Infrared Oven

Small component repairs and retrofits to your industrial infrared oven can give it the ability to handle growing demands. Here’s how retrofitting your infrared oven can benefit your business, giving it longevity and new purpose:

  • Lower long term capex investments
  • Repurpose existing oven for new processes
  • Increase oven uptime and energy efficiency
  • Increased oven performance
  • Oven system integration
  • Onsite retrofitting for convenience and
  • Reductions in ongoing oven maintenance

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Infrared System Rebuilds

Every component of an industrial infrared heating system is key to its functionality. But a failure of one or more of these parts does not necessarily mean the entire system needs a rehaul. In fact, Litel can upgrade your equipment to operate just as well as before, if not better. Our engineers gather all the measurements, identify parameters and constraints, assess the existing control systems and then redesign and rebuild the system to the extent required to meet the objective. Here’s how rebuilding your existing equipment, with state-of-the-art improvements can benefit you


Reduction in maintenance costs
Reduced downtime
A rebuild could be less expensive and have a shorter lead time than a new purchase

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