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Litel Project Consultancy - Solve your Engineering, Manufacturing, Business Related Problems in IR Process Heating Arena

Project Consultancy

Litel’s consultants play an important role in solving engineering, manufacturing and business-related problems in the process heating field. By providing advice in the form of reports or detailed studies to customers, we help address operational, service and market needs related to our customers’ IR Heating systems.

Project Consultancy Process

Our consultants are always keyed into the latest developments in technology and trade, and can tap into an extensive network of industry contacts worldwide to provide the most relevant support and guidance to not just meet your needs but to give you a competitive edge. Litel’s consultants offer several services including but not limited to:
1. Advice on production problems such as mechanical failure etc.
2. Investigations on specific aspects of IR Systems such as heat treatment methods, manufacturing etc.
3. Alternative material investigations
4. Evaluation of equipment and services
5. Evaluation of heating processes
6. Advice on quality control
7. Laboratory testing


Get detailed study and reports on existing IR Heating Systems

Solution to your operational issues

Get the details on your service needs

Understand your future market needs for plant and business expansion

Are you looking for any Project Consultancy