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Litel System Spares - Building Blocks of
IR Heating Systems.

Litel System Spares

With decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of over 200 IR heating systems across the world, Litel’s engineers and technicians have extensive knowledge of the parts and components that form the building blocks of these systems. They know the brands, specifications and settings that work in IR heating systems across industries ranging from automobiles to space research!

The Litel Way of System Spares Process

You can rest assured that if you are looking for a replacement part and/or need assistance in selecting one, our team can help. Litel stocks a large inventory of IR heating system parts. For legacy systems, we provide the latest parts which are compatible. In addition, we partner with several brands to cover every replacement-parts need.
Our team can
1. provide inputs regarding the selection of the right part for your system and its application
2. procure and install replacement parts
3. provide routine maintenance to keep your system running at optimum capacity

Why Choose Litel System Spares Process?

Right inputs on the right spares required for replacement/maintenance

Single window for all the required spares

Genuine spares which extend the life of the IR Heating equipment

Trained personnel who are well versed with the maintenance processes

To Improve the energy efficiency of your IR Heating Systems