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What is IR?


In layman’s language, Infrared is the heat we receive from the Sun. It travels to us through vacuum at the speed of light. Interestingly, light and heat have different wavelengths travelling together. Light is what we see; Infrared is invisible to human eyes. In scientific terms, Infrared, like light is a part of electromagnetic spectrum. As seen in the figure, it lies beyond the red part of the visible light. The Infrared spectrum starts at 0.7 µ (micron) and extends upto 1000 µ, although for heating purpose wavelengths only up to 10 µ are relevant

Why IR?

It’s a commonly asked question: if electricity is costlier than diesel or gas, why should electric IR ovens be used? The answer is, what matters is total cost of ownership which includes other factors such as efficiency, productivity, quality, cost of rejection, maintenance cost etc. When all costs are considered, the balance generally tips in favour of IR. Secondly there are so many processes which just cannot be performed by any other method

  • Direct energy cost savings
  • Infrared is one stage heat transfer
  • No loss due to Exhaust
  • Smaller rotating loads
  • Instant ON /OFF
  • Above all, quality benefits - Superior finish

Who is Litel IR?

Litel Infrared Systems Pvt Ltd was promoted by highly qualified US-returned technocrats with the objective of providing heating solutions. Litel revolutionised the Indian heating process scenario in 1987 when it introduced indigenous Infrared heating technology in India.

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